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Audio Calibration

Audio Calibration | Video Calibration


Audio calibration involves making all aspects of an audio system perform together properly.


A properly calibrated system achieves the goal of having the media being played take centre stage and not the equipment. The goal is to achieve clarity, focus, dynamics, response and envelopment.


Audio calibration is more involved than video calibration as there are many more factors that impact the sound you hear.  In a typical media room there are 35 elements to achieving these goals.


With our experience and the proper test equipment we can maximize the performance of the audio equipment while working within the design and aesthetic requirements of our clients.


Even to the untrained eye or ear, the difference calibration makes is dramatic. Often we are called in to calibrate systems that have been in place for many years. In all cases our clients have been literally shocked by the difference in performance.


We use specialized test equipment that allows us to calibrate all audio and video equipment that exists and possess the knowledge and experience to use it properly.


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