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Automation is a broad term that implies automating tasks that would usually require manual activation.


Motorized blinds and drapesTV lifts and drops, projection screens, skylights and lighting are commonly automated. This automation could be anything from a simple switch on the wall, button on a remote control or triggered by time of day, motion sensors or as part of a programmed scene.


While we deal with lighting and these motorized units all the time, where we really get to “show our stuff” is automating unusual systems as well as designing and fabricating units for clients who want what has never been done before.


Automation can be great way of saving energy.


Blinds and drapes lighten the load on an HVAC system by using logic . Effectively saving energy and prolonging the life of the HVAC system.


If it is summer time and the sun coming through the windows is triggering the air conditioning we automatically close the blinds/drapes based on sunrise or sunset and then gradually open them as the sun progresses.


If it is winter time then we use a similar process to allow the sun to heat the room until the proper temperature is reached, reducing the demand for heating on the HVAC system.


In an integrated systemautomationlightingaudio/video,HVAC and security can be tied together in any combination to make a clients life easier, greener and more fun.



Here are just a few examples of the creativity we bring to automation:


A client came to us wanting a 42” display to flip down from the arch on his 135’ yacht. The flip down TV drop needed to be able to handle the rigors of a marine environment as well as fit into a 4 ½” deep space! We designed and engineered a flip down mount that has been performing for over 5 years without fault.


A company wanted to automate a lock for the twin pocket doors to their boardroom so meetings would not be disturbed. They had looked everywhere but no system could deal with the tiny available space and the need to compress the doors during the lock down. We designed a locking mechanism that has never been done before and it works perfectly. We even incorporated a battery back up and failsafe mechanism.


A client with a beautiful panoramic view wanted his sectional couch to be facing his windows and incredible view but wanted it to pivot around when it was movie time. We designed a mechanism for this as well. It works even when fully loaded with people.


For an HVAC contractor we designed and installed a system that monitors three geothermal units and automatically resets them and sends him an email message if there is a failure.