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Acoustic Treatment


There are two main issues that we address for our clients: acoustic isolation and acoustic treatment.














Acoustic Isolation:

Acoustic isolation involves reducing or eliminating sound leaving the room as well as sound entering the room.


Movies have incredibly dynamic sound tracks and it spoils the impact when you feel you have to jump to the volume control so as not to disturb people outside of the room. Quiet passages can have as much emotional impact as a thundering explosion but if there are background noises these subtle sounds are masked and the impact is gone.


Using acoustic isolation allows the freedom to leave the volume control alone and let the movie play at the sound level the director and sound engineer intended.


We have many options available to isolate a room. The greatest gains can be achieved in new construction or during a renovation but there are also options for existing rooms.


We predominantly address isolation in dedicated theatres but have also been called in to isolate libraries, offices, baby's rooms, condominiums, mechanical rooms and other areas where sound isolation is desirable.


Acoustic Treatment:

Most people think the best sound is achieved by absorbing all of the reflected sound, in effect deadening the room. This is not true. A great sounding room needs a balance of absorption, reflection and diffusion. There are a variety of methods that can be used to produce these results.


Our preferred method involves attaching treatment to the walls and then covering the walls with an acoustically transparent fabric that matches the decor of the room. We have hundreds of patterns and colour samples to choose from just as you would choose carpet or paint, so you can get exactly the look you are after.


If this overall method does not fit with your plans then there are selective treatments that can have a big impact on how your room sounds. In most cases the complaint has been that a room has "too much echo" or is "cold feeling". Acoustic treatment in these areas has always fixed the problem.


Room treatment goes hand in hand with the proper positioning and calibration of speakers and subwoofers. We have a whole suite of audio test gear that allows us to make critical measurements and analyze the impact of the treatment as we do the installation.


Please see our calibration page for further information.


Check out the thumbnails on the left for an example of our acoustic treatment process in a dedicated theater.