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LED vs. Halogen Bulbs


Automated Blinds


Green Services


Saving energy, money and reducing our impact on the planet.


Our company is devoted to the worldwide 'green' intiative and we like to encourage clients to use energy efficient solutions whenever possible, be it lighting, an HVAC system or other types of automation.


We are strong advocates of using LED light bulbs to replace standard halogen bulbs. The lifespan of the LED bulbs is about 50,000 hours whereas the Halogen are about 2000-5000 hours. As you can see on the left, we go to great lengths to install LED bulbs.


The initial cost is increased but the energy savings over just one year practically pay for them.


In the same vein as LED vs. halogen, we encourage using a geothermal heating/cooling system vs. gas or electric. We fully support geothermal HVAC systems.


Crestron electronics are at the heart of all of our systems and they have recently released software to calculate energy usage, costs, savings, etc. which we can incorporate into a system. 


Please take a look at their site for more information and live interactive demos.