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Work has been completed on a private backyard retreat. This project features an all weather cabana with sauna and bathroom next to the main patio, pool and hot tub. Outdoor speakers bring sound to life on the patio and throughout the landscaping in the yard. The cabana houses a 60" display and surround sound with a discretely hidden subwoofer. Enjoy watching media from the hammock, patio, pool or hot tub!


Check out our Residential Gallery for more pictures.


Work has been completed on a large scale theatre for this remote private lodge. We overcame many challenges in logistics to put together this huge theatre in such a remote location, but the result came out great! This theatre features a DPI projector with a full anamorphic lens and discreetly hides a 7.2 surround system by Triad Acoustics behind acoustically transparent cloth. Automation wise there is LED lighting throughout, along with full HVAC control and paging system to call staff.


Check out our Residential Gallery for more pictures.


We recently made a tripback to a project we completed in the summer of 2013 and returned with some stunning pictures. This project is an excellent example of a seamless blend of technology and west coast contemporary design. It showcases incredible LED lighting, audio/video, HVAC automation and is incredibly energy efficient through the use of aquathermal pumps.


Check out our Residential Gallery for more pictures.


Work has been completed on the massive security upgrade for 4 high rise residential towers in Vancouver's West End. This project has been more than a year in the making and the finished product is something we are very proud of. This was an extensive project that included a retrofit installation of electronic locks and FOB readers on over 130 doors, 47 IP security cameras, state of the art enter-phone systems and a full network revamp of the rental office all linked together with a fibre backbone.


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Recently we revisited the Attessa III to overhaul their CCTV system. We replaced an aging and barely functional CCTV system with proper environmentally sealed PTZ cameras and a hybrid network DVR. Installing 2 of these cameras on the mast was a special challenge, but luckily the weather was nice and our guys were equiped with safety harnesses! Check out our Marine/Transportation Gallery for more pictures.


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