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Full control and automation of all your lighting aspects.


Lighting control is very common in any system. It allows you to see what lights are on/off, set dimming levels, monitor energy usage and use onetouch scenes. This also allows lighting functions to be tied in with other aspects of an integrated system.


In general, we prefer to be involved with lighting design from the beginning of a project so that we can create plans and detailed schematics. In cases where a lighting system (vantage, lutron, HAI) is already in place, we have the experience and ability to integrate that into our system.


We have experience working with interior designers and even specialised lighting designers to provide the best looks and functionality in a lighting system. We are no strangers to custom projects and thrive on creating unique solutions such as edgelit glass, translucent stone lighting, light boxes and water feature lighting.


We also recommend using energy efficient fixtures and bulbs. In the long run they will save money and energy. We are proud supporters of Crestron's Green Light systems. Please check out our green services page for more info.


Take a look at a few examples of scenes below.


Here are a few examples of lighting scenes:


There could be a scene called 'Dinner Party' where the lights fade to 60% and your music starts playing in the dining room at a level condusive to conversation.


In a boardroom, a single button push for 'Presentation' would dim the lights to 30% while a screen and projector lower from the ceiling.


In a theater, a 'Movie Time' scene could turn off all overhead lights, turn on walkway lighting and dim wall sconces to 20%.


Outdoor and landscape lighting could be automated to turn on automatically at sunset and turn itself off at midnight without ever pushing a button.